About Municipal Profiles 2006

The challenges to be faced in the establishment of a new municipal system in South Africa are great. As part of its contribution to that process, Statistics South Africa has created a facility through which publically available information on municipalities may be shared. These MUNICIPAL PROFILES are easy to use, providing spatial and attribute information on each of the newly established municipalities.

The Board hopes that the information provided will be of use to municipalities as they develop their IDPs, to government as it targets funding and resources and to those requiring information on our new municipal system. The statistics part of the data contained in these Municipal Profiles comes from the Statistics South Africa ©Census 1996 and Census 2001 databases. The Board hopes that these data and information will spur users to make available further data and information sources and allow us to build a knowledge-based municipal system.

Dr Vuyo Mlokoti
Chairperson: Municipal Demarcation Board

More information can be found on Statistics South Africa's website at http://www.statssa.gov.za

Whilst it is the intention to provide accurate information, the Board has collected information from various sources including the websites of Statistics South Africa, the Department of Finance and the Department of Provincial and Local Government. In some cases the data has been digitised, and Statistics South Africa will not be responsible for any errors in the data provided. The data from Statistics South Africa is also subject to change as their quality assurance measures are improved. Please see their metadata on http://www.statssa.gov.za/census01/html/default.asp

The Board will therefore appreciate if all errors and corrections are brought to its attention, and these can be sent via email to info@demarcation.org.za or by fax to (012) 3422480.

© Statistics South Africa, 2003 Users may apply or process this data, provided Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) is acknowledged as the original source of the data; that it is specified that the application and/or analysis is the result of the user's independent processing of the data; and that neither the basic data nor any reprocessed version or application thereof may be sold or offered for sale in any form whatsoever without prior permission from Stats SA.

INCOME: Please note: Users are warned to use this variable with caution and to be aware of its limitations. Census 2001 collected income information from one question on individual income without probing about informal income, enterprise profits or income in kind. As a result, the census income is understated for most of the population. Further direct comparisons with other data sets cannot be made. The main reason for releasing this variable in the data is to show patterns and trends, rather then precise estimates.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All Cells less than 3 were randomized to preserve confidentiality.